Men button up to the right side while women button up to the left side.

We couldn’t come up with a logical explanation for this phenomenon, so we did some research, trying to figure out what this is all about. And while there are different theories, one thing is for sure: It’s a remnant from the ancient times.


One of the most common theories states that in the 13th century, when buttons where invented, women from wealthy families used to be dressed by their maids while men dressed themselves. As commonly people are more likely to be right handed, having the buttons on the left side of women’s clothing would make it easier for the maid to close her mistresses dress when standing in front of her.


In the same line of thought there is the theory that mothers used to hold their babies (mostly) on the right arm while unbuttoning their shirt for breast feeding with the left hand. Presumably, this was easier when buttons where on the left.

To us, both of these theories based on the observation that the majority of the people is right handed seem reasonable at first but might as well fall short. As we (meaning Nele and Sabina) are used to dress up models for photo-shootings - male and female - we can’t really state a difference, even when switching our flexible button panels from one side to the other. From our perspective, it is a simple matter of habit! So, what other explanations are out there?


Women used to ride the horse with both their legs to the left side. Buttoning to the left side, would minimize the airflow rushing through their dress while going for a ride. While being women, the two of us feel cold most of the time, we really wouldn’t want to get an extra cool down. We kind of feel those women from back in the time. Still, we are not quite sure if this little button side change is such a game changer while speeding through the cold woods at low temperatures.


The theories circulating that convinced us more, are the ones around men and their weaponry in the old times:

“A gentleman’s sword was always worn on the left side, so that it could be drawn with the right hand. If a jacket buttoned right over left, the handle of the sword would be likely to catch in the jacket opening when drawn, so any serious swordsman would demand a tunic which buttoned left over right. As an indication of a masculine lifestyle, this tradition was then extended to other items of menswear.”


Personally, we like to challenge what is defined as a „masculine lifestyle“. At the same time, it is a fact that back in the days carrying and using swords was common. Sure thing, preparing to fight for your life is the least desirable moment to have your sword catch in your own clothing.

Either way, there is no reason why the fashion industry keeps putting buttons on opposite sides these days. Thus, we like to call out: Let’s not make the choice of our clothing dependent on which side the buttons are sewn on but based on our taste.

Free spirited people button up multisex.

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